Labour warned of meltdown unless it backs remain 

Labour warned of meltdown unless it backs remain 

The leader of the UK opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has been told he faces disaster if he does not oppose Brexit as a poll put the party behind the pro-EU Liberal Democrats.

The former communications chief to ex-PM Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, said Labour would be “complicit” in a no-deal Brexit unless it backed a people’s vote on any divorce deal. 

Campbell, who was expelled from the party for voting Lib Dem last week in the European election, told the BBC: “The Labour Party has not had a clear, coherent, credible position on Brexit and until it gets that, it is not going to win back the support of many, many people that it has lost.”

But Eurosceptic Corbyn has resisted pressure from his MPs to campaign for a new referendum, saying instead he would try to renegotiate a better deal.

Meanwhile, leader of the trade union Unite Len McCluskey said supporting a people’s vote would be “electorally suicidal”, without giving any evidence for his statement. 

A YouGov poll this week put Labour equal with the ruling Conservatives on 19 per cent in general election voting intentions, behind Lib Dems on 24 per cent and the Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party on 22 per cent. The study suggested the European election, where Labour received 14-per-cent support, may reflect more than just a protest vote.

The next prime minister must avoid a “no-deal” Brexit or risk losing the Conservatives’ reputation as the party of commerce, said the UK’s biggest business lobby group, the Confederation of British Industry’s director-general Carolyn Fairbairn. 

The next leader must “restore the UK’s reputation as the stable and trusted country to start and grow a business”, Fairbairn wrote in an open letter to the numerous Tory leadership hopefuls. The huge number of MPs going for the top job shows the lack of any leading candidates. 

“Firms large and small are clear that leaving the EU with a deal is the best way forward,” Fairbairn wrote. “Short-term disruption and long-term damage to British competitiveness will be severe if we leave without one. The vast majority of firms can never be prepared for no-deal.”

But the far-right in the US remains pro-Brexit. 

Brexit offers Britain the opportunity to become a “strong and independent country” and have a positive impact on the rest of the world and play a vital role in Nato, said hawkish US National Security Adviser John Bolton, a pro-leave enthusiast.

Donald Trump, who says he is pro-Brexit, makes a state visit to the UK next week, with Bolton saying the divisive 2016 Brexit referendum represented a “triumph of democracy”.

He backed up Trump’s pledge that the US would negotiate a trade deal that was mutually beneficial to both countries. 


Labour members are largely pro-remain. Picture credit: Eurasia Times 




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