Pro-EU MPs agree to pass anti-Brexit legislation

Pro-EU MPs agree to pass anti-Brexit legislation

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage says he will stand down candidates against the ruling Conservative Party if the new prime minister, Boris Johnson, calls an election and backs no-deal with the European Union.

Johnson must accept the non-aggression pact or “die politically” if he failed to deliver Brexit before the October 31 deadline, the MEP said.

Labour opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn hosted a meeting of MPs to discuss ways to block a no-deal Brexit. 

The pro-EU MPs have reportedly agreed to focus on trying to write a law forcing Johnson to delay Brexit.

Corbyn said the other party leaders had agreed he would “put forward a proposal which will make sure that parliament is able to debate a legislative way of preventing the government crashing us out with no deal”.

The divisive leftist leader said: “I will propose the parliamentary process which would mean the legislation can be laid.

“The legislation will be laid by people from all of the opposition parties and will be supported by some Conservative MPs as well.”

Three MPs said they wanted to repeat the approach to force a six-month Brexit extension in April, which should take priority over Corbyn’s bid to oust the new prime minister in a no-confidence vote.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson said there was “unanimity” that the “best way forward” was using “legislative approaches”.

Ex-Conservative MP Anna Soubry tweeted: “We agree we will work together to stop a no-deal Brexit by legislation.”

Labour’s Brexit spokesman Sir Keir Starmer said it was time to “put aside fantasy politics” and find a strategy to enact “straight away” when MPs return from the summer break.

Johnson is preparing to create six new pro-Brexit members of the House of Lords to help overturn a perceived pro-remain bias in the unelected upper house. 

The Welsh nationalist Plaid Cymru said all parties agreed to “explore the best possible way of avoiding a no-deal using a legislative approach”.

Corbyn had been pushing for him to be installed as a caretaker prime minister to ask for a delay Brexit and call an election.

While announcing numerous Brexit Party candidates, Farage said: “If Boris Johnson does do the right thing and does go for a clean-break Brexit, then not only would we applaud that, we would want to support and help that project.

“We want to talk to them and come to an accommodation. We’re quite prepared to put country before party.”

A crisis is brewing in Westminster. Picture credit: Eurasia Times




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