Johnson paid €30,000 for ‘no deal’ Brexit speech: report

Johnson paid €30,000 for ‘no deal’ Brexit speech: report

Bungling UK prime minister hopeful Boris Johnson is accused of receiving up to €30,000 to make a speech in Switzerland promising a “no-deal” if selected for the top job.

A Conservative MP told The Times that Johnson was taking money on the continent as he plotted how to make the UK citizens poorer.

“It’s so duplicitous,” the unnamed MP said. “He’s perfectly happy to add to his own personal fortune by taking money for a speech in Switzerland while at the same time revealing that as prime minister he would inflict such an act of self-harm on the country that it could plunge the UK into unprecedented economic turmoil This is typical ‘Boris’. He is utterly irresponsible and is not fit to lead the country.”

Pro-Brexit environment secretary Michael Gove said he would challenge fellow former journalist Johnson for the leadership.

The Scot blocked Johnson’s earlier bid for the premiership in 2016. As his campaign manager, hours before its launch, Gove said Johnson was unfit to be leader.

Gove yesterday said he was best placed to deliver “a better deal for Britain”.

He was credited as having an eye for detail, which Johnson clearly lacks.

Meanwhile, another leadership rival Rory Stewart questioned the wisdom of Johnson making no-deal comments in Switzerland, which has more than 120 trade agreements with the European Union.  

“The irony of this is that Switzerland has a trade deal with the EU,” Stewart said. “There is no majority for a no-deal Brexit in parliament, which means he would end up calling a general election.”

The former army officer said he would not work for a Prime Minister Johnson.

Johnson told the Swiss Economic Forum in Interlaken: “We will leave the EU on October 31, deal or no deal.”

Tickets for the event cost £1,484.

Johnson was paid £25,298 last month by Swiss bank Pictet for a speech.

The former foreign secretary received £38,250 for another speech for US bank Citigroup in London in March, when he was reported to have also addressed an event organised by India Today, an English-language news organisation, for £122,900.

He is selling his home in Islington, north London, for £3.75 million. 

Johnson now lives in a south London flat with his new girlfriend, Carrie Symonds, 31, a former Tory press officer who is purportedly key to his prime ministerial campaign. 

The backbench MP has employed legendary Australian strategist Sir Lynton Crosby, who was credited with David Cameron’s 2015 election triumph.

Crosby is credited with the “dead cat on the table” distraction technique. 



Boris Johnson and Michael Gove (depicted in the middle) are both heavily associated with Brexit. Picture credit: Eurasia Times 



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