Shock-jock sacked over ‘Nazi’ tweet

Shock-jock sacked over ‘Nazi’ tweet

Outspoken UK media figure Katie Hopkins (pictured) is to leave her show on LBC (Leading Britain’s Conversation) “immediately”, the national talk radio station announced.

The presenter, who became famous as a contestant BBC’s The Apprentice in 2007, joined LBC last April.

The controversialist regularly attracts criticism for her outbursts.

Hopkins has been tweeting since LBC’s announcement but has not referred to the station’s decision.

She is also a Mail Online columnist and took part in Celebrity Big Brother in 2015, coming second.

Her two-hour programme was broadcast on Sunday mornings and saw her review the week’s news and receive calls from the public.

After Monday’s bombing in Manchester she tweeted that there must be a “final solution” in dealing with terror, echoing the Nazi’s 1942 policy of Jewish extermination.

The tweet read: “22 dead — number rising. Schofield. Don’t you even dare. Do not be a part of the problem. We need a final solution #Machester (sic).” The tweet appeared to have been directed at Phillip Schofield, the host of ITV’s breakfast show This Morning.

She later changed “final” to “true”, describing the earlier version as a “mis-type”.

Hopkins has clashed with Schofield in the past. In March she mocked what he called his “act of defiance” when he walked across Westminster Bridge in the aftermath of the attack in London when pedestrians were mown down by a vehicle beside the Houses of Parliament.

The Metropolitan Police said this week’s tweet was being “reviewed and assessed by specialist officers”.

Left-wing LBC presenter James O’Brien spoke on air of the “shame” of sharing a platform with her.

He called Hopkins “a monstrous self-publicist” who “employs the most vile of thoughts and language in a desperate attempt to stay relevant and get noticed”.

Earlier this year, female food writer Jack Monroe won £24,000 in damages and £107,000 in legal costs, in a libel action against Hopkins after a row over two tweets, which Monroe said caused “serious harm” to her reputation.

Hopkins was denied the right of appeal against the ruling.

In December 2016, she apologised to a Muslim family she accused of being extremists after they were denied entry to the US for a Disneyland trip.

In her column, published in 2015, she wrote that the US was right to stop Mohammed Tariq Mahmood, his brother Mohammed Zahid Mahmood and nine children from travelling to Los Angeles. She suggested that the two brothers were extremists with links to al-Qaeda.

The Mail Online, which published her accusation, paid £150,000 in libel damages to the family.

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