Ukraine’s new US-made Himar missiles hammering Russian forces: claim

Ukraine’s new US-made Himar missiles hammering Russian forces: claim

Security analysts claim US-made rockets which began arriving with Ukraine’s armed forces in June are providing a major battlefield boost and possibly forcing Russia to pause its offensive.

Since mid-June, Himar missiles have destroyed more than 20 Russian ammunition depots and command posts that were previously too far from the front lines to be reached by Ukraine’s artillery.

Himars have a longer range and are more precise than Ukraine’s Soviet-era artillery, allowing Ukrainian forces to destroy Russian previously unreachable targets.

The US Department of Defence, which has promised to send four more Himars during July, said the rockets supplied to Ukraine have a range of about 65km but other sources have said the missiles are effective up to 300km.

Social media videos purportedly show prolonged eruptions at ammunition stores in Russian-controlled territory.

Ukraine claims its recent rocket strikes have destroyed more than 30 Russian military logistics centres and significantly reduced Russia’s offensive potential.

Defence ministry spokesman Oleksandr Motuzianyk singled out the role of the new Himars. 

“In the last weeks, over 30 of the enemy’s military logistical facilities have been destroyed, as a result of which the attacking potential of Russian forces has been significantly reduced,” Motuzianyk told national television.

Analysts are hoping the new weapons will shift the balance of the war although firm evidence of the Himars’ impact has yet to be provided.

“The occupiers have already felt very well what modern artillery is. They will not have a safe rear anywhere on our land,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

There have been other unverified claims that the Himars have hit a Russian base in Izyum.

“From a military standpoint, the costs to Russia have been far higher than would be the case without such assistance from the west,” a former Pentagon official told The Times. “It’s possible to speculate on what might push the war in various directions.

“But so far the ‘speculators’ have been generally wrong. No Russian Blitzkrieg. No Russian collapse. No striking results from unprecedented sanctions. It’s best to admit that there are a range of possibilities and try to think through how we would deal with each, as opposed to attempting to predict what happens next.”

Himars weapons systems. Picture credit: YouTube 

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