Anti-Brexit campaign announces March 23 rally

Anti-Brexit campaign announces March 23 rally

The anti-Brexit People’s Vote campaign for a third referendum on the UK’s European Union membership have announced a march the weekend before the UK is due to leave the EU.

The “put it to the people” event will call for the public to be given a final say on any Brexit deal.

More than 700,000 people took part in the previous People’s Vote march in London in October, compared with a few thousand who attended a pro-leave event shortly after.

The announcement of the march followed the collapse of Flybmi at the weekend with the airline blaming “Brexit uncertainty”.

Pro-Remain former Conservative minister Anna Soubry said there would be “nowhere for any MP to hide” come the final week of next month.

The centrist said: “There is now a real danger that this is going to go right down to the wire. The prime minister appears intent on holding the long-awaited meaningful vote as late as possible, in the hope of pressuring MPs into backing what they know is a bad deal.

“And Jeremy Corbyn appears happy to let the clock run down, rather than tabling Labour’s proposals or backing a People’s Vote.

“This march could be of historic significance. Parliament will need a way out, and the demand will be loud and clear: put short term party politics aside, put Britain’s national interest first. Put it to the people.”

Leftist Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of betraying the party’s Brexit policy by the delegates who wrote it, as they demand he finally supports a referendum on Brexit.

The delegates sent a letter Corbyn accusing him of failing to implement the policy approved by party conference last year in Liverpool.

In a rebuke, they remind him of his promise that “policy will be made by Labour members, not the leader” while “the complete opposite now appears to be happening”.

Corbyn and his Brexit spokesman Sir Keir Starmer are publicly disagreeing and vocal backbenchers had warned of a collapse in support and rumours of some MPs threatening to leave the party.

The vast bulk of Labour members are passionately pro-remain

The letter by 23 constituency Labour Party delegates who took part in the six-hour policy meeting in September which set Brexit policy.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Theresa May has pleaded with her Conservative MPs to unite over Brexit, saying “history will judge us all” as she prepares for EU talks.

The enfeebled leader has been making the same comments since taking office in 2016.

“History will judge us all for the parts we have played in this process,” May wrote to her MPs.

“Without a withdrawal agreement we risk a combination forming in parliament that will stop Brexit altogether, whatever the long-term consequences for trust in our democracy.”


The people’s vote campaign continues. Picture credit: Eurasia Times

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