1m Labour voters changed minds on EU: ex-PM

1m Labour voters changed minds on EU: ex-PM

More than 1 million Labour voters who backed Brexit have changed their minds, with all sides “losing hope for a better future”, according to former prime minister Gordon Brown.

The 2007-10 premier said leave voters felt “betrayed” because none of the proposed exit deals could deliver what was promised. 

The Scottish former Labour leader told the Edinburgh Book Festival that polling by Hope Not Hate suggested 21 per cent of Labour leave voters had changed their minds, while other polls said 29 per cent had recently switched to undecided or remain as the government went from “one Brexit shambles to another”. 

“Leavers and remainers now do have one thing in common – both are increasingly losing hope for a better future for Britain,” Brown said.

“Remain voters are despondent, fearing that we have moved from a soft Brexit to a hard Brexit to a no-deal Brexit.”

Labour and the Scottish National Party in Scotland are under pressure to adopt stronger opposition on Brexit as more polling shows Scottish voters want another referendum on any final deal that London reaches with Brussels. 

The YouGov survey for the People’s Vote campaign said 48 per cent of respondents backed the idea, with 31 per cent opposed.

The SNP’s leader Nicola Sturgeon has said the case for a second vote may become “irresistible” but her party does not support the policy. 

Sturgeon has been reluctant to support a people’s vote, claiming that Scots could vote remain again and still find themselves out of the EU. 

Labour boss Jeremy Corbyn says he is not backing another referendum. 

Peter Kellner, former YouGov boss, said the new poll suggested both leaders were “in the wrong place with most of their supporters” and claimed there could be electoral benefits if either party strengthened their Brexit policy. 

“There is deep pessimism about what Brexit will mean for Scotland and the next generation, but the survey suggests the leadership of both the SNP and the Labour Party are in the wrong place with most of their supporters. There may be an electoral dividend in Scotland for one of these parties if they strengthen their position,” Kellner said. 

YouGov surveyed 2,013 voters in Scotland and found rising support for staying in the EU. After the undecided respondents were removed, 66 per cent said they wanted to remain while 34 per cent backed leaving. 

In the 2016 EU referendum, 62 per cent of Scotland backed remain and 38 per cent voted leave.

SNP supporters back another referendum by 66 per cent to 18 per cent when the undecided have been removed while for Labour voters this is 64 per cent to 21 per cent.


Scottish EU supporters want a People’s Vote. Picture credit: Eurasia Times

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