Paris plotters killed in Syria: US

Paris plotters killed in Syria: US

Paris remains in shock from the November 2015 attacks. Source: Wikimedia

Two men involved in the November 2015 Paris attacks have been killed in Syria in a US air strike, Washington claims.

The Pentagon said Salah Gourmat and Sammy Djedou were members of Isis.

A third member of the group, linked to a botched terror plot in Belgium last year, was also killed in the strike on December 4, the US military claimed.

The third man killed, Walid Hamman, described as “a suicide attack planner” and a French national was convicted in absentia in Belgium for the plot that was disrupted in 2015, Davis told reporters.

The three were plotting attacks against western targets at the time of the air attack, the opaque bastion of US military investment alleged.

The Pentagon said the strike took place in Raqqa, the defacto capital of Isis in Syria.

“They were working together to plot and facilitate attacks on western targets at the time of the strike,” Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis told the media.

The three men were killed when a drone aircraft fired on them as they drove together in a car, Davis said.

The three were allegedly part of a network led by a Tunisian called Boubaker al-Hakim, who was reportedly killed in another coalition air strike in November, said US military spokesman Peter Cook.

“This strike highlights our relentless efforts to simultaneously target Isil members who seek to attack the US, our interests and our allies around the world,” said Cook.

He said the air strikes had targeted five Islamic State leaders since mid-November, adding that efforts had been aided by intelligence collected in territory formerly held by the extremist organisation.

Boubaker was “one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world”; according to Jean-Pierre Filiu of the Institute of Political Studies in Paris. Washington announced that Hakim had been killed in an airstrike on Raqqa.

IS militants claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks on November 13 last year, which launched attacks on the Bataclan concert venue, the iconic Stade de France during an international football match with Germany, restaurants and bars.

On the day 130 people were killed, with more than 350 wounded.

Islamic State, which has controlled parts of Iraq and Syria in recent years, has lost territory this year to forces supported by a coalition of airstrikes and advisers.

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