Brexit Party chairman implicated in US diplomatic leak 

Brexit Party chairman implicated in US diplomatic leak 

The chairman of the new Brexit Party, Richard Tice, has been implicated in the leak of private correspondence from the UK’s former ambassador to Washington. 

Tice, a newly elected MEP, is in a relationship with Isabel Oakeshott, who last week distributed leaked top-secret diplomatic cables in which the ambassador, Sir Kim Darroch, called Donald Trump “clumsy and inept”. 

The Mail on Sunday published the private memos from Darroch calling Trump’s administration “dysfunctional“. The paper has now published further memos from Darroch, defying a police warning that doing so could be deemed a criminal act.

Darroch’s resigned after Trump said he would not work with him and Tory leadership frontrunner, Boris Johnson, refused to back him during the latest televised debate. 

The Mail on Sunday said Darroch wrote in May last year that Trump withdrew from Iran’s nuclear deal with major powers for “personality reasons” to spite his predecessor Barack Obama. Darroch reported that the Trump administration was “set upon an act of diplomatic vandalism”, the paper said.

The Sunday Times reported that a leak suspect had been identified amid claims that a “pro-Brexit Kim Philby” within government had been trying to undermine figures not seen as sufficiently pro-Brexit. 

Philby was a high-level Soviet spy during the Cold War. 

The police say a civil servant with access to historical Foreign Office papers was responsible amid calls for those responsible for the leak to serve jail time for breaching the Official Secrets Act. 

None of Darroch’s posts are particularly controversial and he was only performing the job of a diplomat, by keeping his government informed about US affairs. 

Oakeshott, 45, and Tice, 54, have been in a relationship since last year amid claims that the far-right group wants a “pro-Brexit businessman” installed as the next ambassador. 

A UK diplomat told the newspaper: “It feels like there are a lot of Brexit Party- Faragist fingerprints around this,” in reference to party leader, Nigel Farage. 

The police headquarters, Scotland Yard, announced on Friday that it had opened a criminal investigation into the leak and the surveillance agency GCHQ told MPs that it had been involved in the hunt.

The international spy agency, MI6, said the leak had not been the result of a computer hack by a foreign state.

A UK government source said: “They are using the full force of the state. They think they know who did the leaking. It’s now a case of building a case that will stand up in court. It was someone with access to historical files. They went in and grabbed a range of material.”



Pro-Brexit anger outside parliament. Picture credit: Eurasia Times 



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