Migrants stone Bavaria police after mother’s death

Migrants stone Bavaria police after mother’s death

Migrants in Germany have stoned the police as they tried to investigate the death of a Nigerian woman at an immigration centre in the southern German city of Regensburg (pictured).

Police said they were attacked and harassed at the centre after they arrived to investigate the 31-year-old’s death.

Around 40-50 migrants prevented officers from recovering the woman’s body, said the police in the town around 100km north of Munich.

Reinforcements arrived in around 20 patrol cars with 50 police officers, but no one was arrested.

The woman’s body was removed after around three hours and taken to a funeral home.

The migrants were allowed to carry the woman’s coffin from the hostel to a police vehicle.

An investigation has been launched into her death with police saying there was no initial evidence that she had been attacked.

She leaves three children, all younger than 10, who are now in social services care.

The hostel was set up to speed up the processing of asylum applications. Migrants are accommodated in the often crowded centres for the entirety of their asylum case.

Mosque tax

Support is purportedly growing in Germany for a “mosque tax” to make Islamic institutions less dependent on “radical” foreign funding.

Several of Germany’s 16 states have given their support in principle for the idea which would mirror Germany’s voluntary “church tax”, the media reported.

Concern has grown about the influence of foreign funding on mosques for the Germany’s estimated 5 million Muslims.

Around 900 mosques in Germany are run by the Turkish-Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion, under the authority of the populist Turkish government.

Some of the group’s members are suspected of spying on Turkish dissidents in Germany.

The regional interior ministry in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania said it was open to “mosque financing based on the church model” to restrict foreign influence, including “the danger of possible radicalisation”.

Crossbow deaths

Police in Germany are investigating the deaths of three Germans whose bodies were found shot with crossbow bolts in a hotel room in Bavaria.
Staff found the three bodies and two crossbows in the room on Saturday with the police saying the victims were a 53-year-old man and two women aged 33 and 30.
The three had reportedly booked a triple room on Friday for a three-day stay in Passau.
The hotel is on the banks of the River Ilz near the Austrian border.
A vehicle has been seized by detectives.


Regensburg. Picture credit: Wikimedia  

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