Cameron appeals to UK’s fighter spirit

Cameron appeals to UK’s fighter spirit

The English Cotswolds. The bulk of rural England appears to be backing a Brexit. Source: Wikimedia

Brexit voters are “quitters”, “little Englanders” and do not love Britain, Prime Minister David Cameron told a television debate on the EU.

He said that Britain was a nation of “fighters” who should take on the bloc rather than vote to leave. Cameron told a debate on the broadcaster ITV that Brexit supporters were “prepared to sacrifice jobs” to secure departure from the EU.

Cameron said: “Leaving is quitting and I don’t think we’re quitters. We’re fighters. We fight in these organisations… Don’t take a decision to leave the EU and damage our economy on the basis of clearly false information that you are being given.”

Referring to the Ukip leader, Cameron used the phrase “the little England of Nigel Farage”. “We’re an amazing country. If you love your country you don’t damage the economy,” the premier added. He said Scotland would demand a another independence referendum if Britain voted for a Brexit.

Cameron was accused by the audience over his alleged failure to get immigration down to the “tens of thousands” and was told parts of Britain had turned into “no-go areas” because of foreign arrivals.

It was the final day for Britons to register to vote on June 23. The election watchdog said there had been a flood in registrations, with more than 360,000 online applications over the past three days.

The ruling Conservative Party seems to be falling apart over the referendum, which will leave its wafer-thin parliamentary majority particularly vulnerable in the years before the 2020 election. Fellow Conservatives Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, who had vowed that there would be no public debating between party members, challenged Cameron to a “face-to-face” debate after Cameron claimed they were telling “total untruths”.

“What I’m worried about is that people are being told things that aren’t correct,” Cameron said.

The Remain campaign immediately released an image of a British flag with the slogan “Britain doesn’t quit”. The audience booed Cameron after he refused to say how much net migration would drop after his proposed EU renegotiation.

“I haven’t made a forecast,” Cameron said, adding that it had been several “extraordinary years in the EU” for the rise in the number of foreigners. When asked if a Brexit vote would end his career, Cameron said: “People’s careers and futures get caught up in this.”

Earlier, Farage was accused of “discriminating” against migrants. He claimed he was representing “ordinary, decent Britons who have had a bad time”.

“No deal is better than the rotten deal we have got at the moment,” the Ukip leader said.

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