Chechen warlord sends sons to Ukraine and calls for nuclear strikes 

Chechen warlord sends sons to Ukraine and calls for nuclear strikes 

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has advised his ally Vladimir Putin to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine as he revealed he has sent his three teenage sons to the frontline.

Chechen forces formed the vanguard of the Russian invasion force in February and they will now reportedly include Akhmat, 16, Eli, 15, and Adam, 14, according to the Russian RIA Novosti agency.

Kadyrov, 45, posted on Telegram: “Their military training began a long time ago, almost from an early age. And I’m not joking.

“The time has come to show themselves in a real battle, and I only welcome their desire. Soon they will go to the frontline and will be on the most difficult sections of the line of contact.”

Kadyrov, a former anti-Russian militant, is increasingly critical of Russian handling of the war amid Ukraine’s counteroffensive and a series of heavy defeats.

He claimed the military had covered for the “mediocre” Colonel General Alexander Lapin, commander of Russian forces in Lyman, which fell to a Ukrainian advance on Saturday. Kadyrov said Lapin should be “sent to the front to wash off his shame with blood”.

Lyman is strategically important at a crossing over the Siversky Donestk river with Russian forces apparently consolidating on the south side of the crossing after suffering heavy casualties. 

The loss of Lyman is only the latest Russian defeat since February as hundreds of thousands of fighting-age men fled Russia to avoid Putin’s call-up late last month.

Ukraine’s forces purportedly made progress on Sunday in the south near Crimea along the west bank of the Dnipro towards Kherson.

The Kremlin dismissed Kadyrov’s calls for the use of “low-yield” nuclear weapons, saying it favoured a “balanced approach” to its nuclear arsenal rather than one based on emotion.

Putin mouthpiece Dmitry Peskov said: “This is a very emotional moment. The heads of regions have the right to express their point of view.

“But even in difficult moments, emotions should be kept out of any kind of assessment. So we prefer to stick to balanced, objective assessments.”

Peskov said the use of nuclear weapons was specified in Russian nuclear doctrine.

Russia has the world’s biggest atomic stockpile, including low-yield tactical nuclear weapons that are designed for battlefield use with a limited impact. 


Ramzan Kadyrov with Vladimir Putin. Picture credit: Kremlin 



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