Davidson denies PM ambitions  

Davidson denies PM ambitions  

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson (pictured) has insisted she will not replace UK Prime Minister Theresa May as the party chief. 

The popular lesbian politician told Vogue that she was focused on her Scottish workload.

Davidson, 39, pictured for the fashion magazine walking her dog, said: “I am not going to be replacing Theresa May.

“I’ve got a job to do in Scotland. I wouldn’t leave it to go and do another job. That’s not the way this is going to work. I am not the next leader of the Tory party.”

As a member of the Scottish parliament (MSP), Davidson is in the wrong chamber to lead the government.

Winston Churchill’s grandson and Tory ally Sir Nicholas Soames MP, 69, is rumoured to be ready to stand aside in his mid-Sussex constituency, with a massive majority of 20,000, for her to stand at a by-election.

Davidson last month admitted for the first time that she would consider standing as an MP at Westminster if she failed to topple Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party at the next Holyrood election in 2021, long after next year’s Brexit deadline.

“My worry is actually much greater than [whether the Conservative brand is toxic],” she told Vogue.

“My worry is that we’re about to head into a culture war around the world where it’s not a question of left versus right any more – it’s a question of open versus closed,” the Edinburgh Central MSP said.

“We’ve spent a long time believing there was a consensus about the idea of freedom and interaction, and breaking down borders, and then suddenly they’re all being built back up again.”

Pro-Remain Davidson is one of the Conservative Party’s few electoral success stories, bringing the Scottish Tories from obscurity to become the official opposition in Edinburgh and helping secure 13 Scottish MPs in the London parliament.

Besides lacking a Westminster seat, Davidson is still untested in government.

Her lack of ministerial experience would make it hard for her to leapfrog more seasoned colleagues to become prime minister if May was forced out.

She also said it was a “bad idea” for Donald Trump to visit the UK. “Maybe it’s one of those ones where actually you see the absolute best of the UK.

“Because of the position you hold, not the man that you are, you can come here – but by God, because we’re free citizens we’re going to stand in the street and tell you what we think of you.

“I’m not encouraging people to, but I would be surprised if they didn’t,” she told the fashion magazine.


Ruth Davidson MSP. Picture credit: Wikimedia

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